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This all began with the genius creativity of his mind and the determination to keep this amazing trade going for generations to come. He truly had an ongoing passion with his great ambition in jewellery.

Cowri was about 16 when he started his trade in jewellery making, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the 3rd generation jeweller of his family, both his father and grandfather were exceptional jewellers. Yes, he wasn’t perfect the first time but he started by taking short, small baby steps, and still he managed to achieve his goals in jewellery.

All the intricate, unique designs in his pieces of jewellery never fail to surprise and definitely amuse people. All of his design’s inspiration come from the beautiful creativeness of his mind and the magnificent nature of love and positivity around him.

He is a dynamic multi creator whose stylish design embodies the most extravagant moments and memories of life. He has created a truly beautiful universe that resembles love, determination and positive messages in his jewellery.

Cowri was given his first task in Wagga Wagga at Epica Jewellers to hand craft two individual crowns for Miss Wagga Wagga Quest. Cowri drew every single piece of the crown, he also incorporating the Quest Rose then  he handcrafted the crowns. It took many hours to happen, but finally 

~By Quinntesaa (Cowri’s daughter).